Vanguard strand-jacks 1200 Ton trusses in Zambia

Vanguard lifts over 1 000 metric tons


Vanguard has just completed its heaviest strand-jacking lift to date, the heaviest lift of its type ever done in the region.


Two prefabricated conveyor trusses in excess of 1 200 tonnes each have been lifted from their assembly position at ground level to their working position at a height of approximately  50 m above the ground.


The conveyors form part of the new plant currently being constructed by First Quantum Minerals at its Sentinel copper mine site near Mwinilunga in north-west Zambia.


Using four 418 t strand jacks with an integrated computer control system, the two conveyor trusses (one 80 m and the other 67 m in length) were hoisted in a ‘synchronised lift’ into position.


Each lift took less than a week to complete, and the project was successfully completed in early May by Vanguard’s six-member on-site team.


Ron Wiggill, Vanguard’s heavy lift engineer and senior project manager for the operation explains: “In conjunction with First Quantum’s projects office in Australia, we had prior to the start of the onsite works been involved in the design of the system for almost one year.


“In addition to the huge weight, the project was made further challenging by the extreme tolerances to which we had to work and fit the conveyor sections,” says Wiggill.