Vanguard's GTK1100 crane at Noblesfontein Wind Farm


The POWER of Vanguard's GTK1100

Vanguard’s seven member team and it’s GTK1100 crane, renowned for its mobility to move between the hard stands on wind farms,

the ease of navigating steep gradients and the fast mobilisation and demobilisation of the crane is how Vanguard successfully completed the required erection of two 2.0 MW wind turbines per week at Noblesfontein Wind Farm, located near Victoria West, in the Karoo. 

This wind farm will generate 75 MW of power and is expected to start delivering power in July 2014.

Vanguard’s GTK1100 crane is currently en route to Grassridge, a 59.8 MW wind farm located in the Eastern Cape and is set to begin the erection of twenty 3 MW wind turbine generators.