Vanguard's GTK1100 erects its 50th Wind Turbine

Vanguard’s GTK1100 crane, renowned for its mobility to move between the hard stands on wind farms, the ease of navigating steep gradients and the fast mobilisation and demobilisation of the crane is how Vanguard successfully completed the erection of its 50th wind turbine generator.

Technical Capabilities of Vanguard’s GTK1100

Vanguard's GTK1100 Brochure 

 -  Lifts 100 tonnes to heights of more than 100m without counterweight

 -  18 × 18m footprint (including boom set-up)

-  Self-levelling  

-  Operational in four to six hours

-  Requires only four trucks to site establish

Grassridge Wind Farm, Port Elizabeth  

Vanguard provided the craning solution for 20 Vestas V112 turbines, each with a 3 MW generating capacity, using its specialised GTK1100 crane – currently the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Once the base of the turbine tower is secured on its foundation, Vanguard’s GTK1100 crane and support crane are positioned to ‘top and tail’ the two top tower sections of each turbine. The remaining components of the turbine are then lifted and positioned, which includes the nacelle, hub and three 55 meter turbine blades.



Noblesfontein, Victoria West

Vanguard has also been part of the construction of Noblesfontein, erecting 11 Vestas V100 1.8 MW  turbines  with it’s GTK1100 between April and June 2014.

West Coast One, Vredendal

 At the West Coast One wind farm, also near Vredendal, Vanguard is close to being finished with the erection of 20 Vestas V90 2.0 MW wind turbine generators with its GTK1100 crane.