Critical Stator Change at Duvha

When a generating stator at Duvha Power station ran to failure, it became a race against time to replace the stator and return optimum production to the power station

Weighing 290-tonnes, the new stator needed to be relocated from Matla Power Station and installed, within a very short space of time. The stator, which was stored at Matla Power station was done in such a position as to require it to be removed and rotated 90 degrees before loading. This stator was then loaded onto a 20axle, 3 file trailer and transported to the Turbine Hall at Duvha Power Station

The installation process required a purpose-built hydraulic gantry system, in combination with 2 of Vanguard’s 180-ton strand-jack systems to be lift and lower the stator into position from where the Vanguard Installation team was able to complete the mechanical installation.  

This entire process was made possible thanks to the quick reaction time of Vanguard Rigging Team and the infallible support of the Vanguard Engineering and Panning Team who ensured the project went off with our incident.

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