The right tools for the job


Meet the most comprehensive fleet of lifting, rigging and moving equipment for large and heavy industrial plants and hardware in the southern hemisphere!

Combined with our in-house design capabilities, engineering know-how and experience across industries, we use our state-of-the-art equipment to solve complex heavy lift and plant installation challenges to help increase the speed and efficiency of new plant or infrastructure projects.

We make sure our equipment is always in top condition, and have dedicated in-house workshops manned with qualified service personnel who routinely inspect and maintain all our tools and equipment to the highest of standards.


Our specialised equipment includes:

Modular trailers


Modular Trailers

  • Modular hydraulic axle lines

  • Ultra-heavy duty prime movers

  • On-site capacity in excess of 1 000 tons

  • 300 & 600 ton turntable systems

  • Specialised wind accessories


/Self Propelled Modular Trailers


Self-Propelled Modular Trailers


  • Easily coupled with existing fleet for increased on-site payload

  • Perfect for on-site transport

  • Steered remotely by operator

  • Capacities in excess of 1 000 tons


Hydraulic Lift Systems


Hydraulic Lift Systems


  • Ideal for use in confined or remote locations

  • One of the largest ranges in the southern hemisphere

  • 60 – 800 ton capacity

  • Comprehensive range of lift accessories (beams, crawls, etc.)


strand jacks


Strand Jacks


  • Integrated strand jacking combinations with intelligent software control

  • Fixed lattice towers

  • Portal lattice gantry systems

  • In excess of 1 000 ton capacity

Rigging equipment range vanguard


Comprehensive Range of Auxiliary Equipment


  • Jack & Slide Equipment

  • Capacities up to 1 000 tons

  • Hydraulic jacking systems (diesel or electric)

  • Self-climbing jacks


GTK 1100


Full Range of Heavy Lift Cranes