Duvha Power Station needed to swap out one of its generating stators. Already a generating unit down, it was critical to get this old stator out and the new one, kept at Matla Power Station, in as quickly as possible.

At 290 tons each, these stators require serious engineering to lift and move them around.

Vanguard analysed, modified, certified and assembled a specialised gantry strand jack lift system at Duvha Power Station to move the old stator out. The new stator was loaded and transported to Duvha on a 20-axle, 3-fi le trailer. Our strand jacks then lifted the stator up into the turbine hall floor, 14 m above ground level, and a customised slide system and hook were used to rotate it and place it in position. Based on the tight schedule and sensitivity of the stator, an assortment of self-propelled trailers and hydraulic lift systems were used to ensure minimal disruption and maximum care.

A quick reaction by the team ensured that the change out of the stators took no more than three weeks – well inside the optimistic project target of one month.

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